"This was phenomenal -- the bug collection project my daughter brought home looks like sculptural art and is on proud display -- what a really great combination of multidisciplinary learning bringing together the natural sciences with artistic and scientific display! This is the best kind of learning that helps prepare kids for the real world where they have to take different concepts and apply them to produce something." - Saleela & Blake, parents of Art Brains student

"I want to say THANK YOU for making this club so fun and exciting.  Lilly has never liked art very much...I think because she had fine motor issues when she was younger and she always thought her art work was "bad" so she never wanted to spend any time on art.  I signed her up for this club without her even knowing because I was hoping it would make her excited about art.  And...it HAS!!!  Your project ideas are so creative that she is coming out afterward RAVING about it.  She wanted to explain every last detail of her cave drawing to me and was so proud of it.  I am so pleased with what you are doing with the kids.  Thank you so much!!" - Sarah, parent of Art Brains student

"I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much Annie has enjoyed Art Brains this year. The projects have been amazing, engaging, far reaching, stimulating, thought provoking...you get the idea! Annie spends the whole of every Wednesday evening telling us about each project. And she can't wait until the next week! Thanks so much for the experience!" - Joseph, parent of Art Brains student

"This is by far my daughter's favorite after-school activity. [Art Brains] does a brilliant job of teaching art technique while encouraging children to think creatively and explore their deep imaginations. Your child's love of art, ability to harness his or her creativity, and sense of self efficacy will all grow in wonderful ways through [Art Brains]." - Allison, parent of Art Brains student

"When I signed up for this class, I kind of thought it would be a glorified "arts and crafts" hour, but I was extremely impressed by the thought that went into each lesson, the integration of stories with art, and the caliber of projects and work the kids did. And I *really* enjoyed the detailed emails the instructors sent after every class - I received a report from my daughter after every class about what they did, but the instructor emails were definitely much richer in terms of describing the class!" - Kim, parent of Art Brains student

"I enrolled my granddaughter in the Arts Brains Creative Camps for kids. It was a very creative and well thought-out program. The projects were very age-appropriate, with the kids interacting and exploring different forms of art. The program helped my granddaughter expand her artistic abilities, and it helped her to mentally challenge herself. I really enjoyed the freedom they allow the children to work, play, and develop their skills. I also really enjoyed the feedback every week from the teacher. She always provided me with very descriptive e-mails of what the children did and what to expect the following week. She is really a dedicated individual who loves working with children. I really enjoyed the program and I know my granddaughter did as well, because she never wanted to leave when the program was over!" - Linda, grandmother of Art Lab camper

"The Art Brains class is awesome and really fun! It's my favorite club in school. We get to do all kinds of different projects, and take them all home." - Jake, 3rd grade

"Just wanted to let you know how much Maxie has enjoyed this art class.  It is the one thing that he looks forward to consistently each week!  Of all of his after school programs, this has been by far his favorite.  Thank you for your hard work and creativity." - Doris, parent of Art Brains student

"My son thoroughly enjoyed Art Brains. The class created an open, creative, and fun learning environment for students to explore art through a wide array of mediums. My son developed new skills and further enhanced his artistic strengths as a result." - Colleen, mother of Art Brains student

"I've been taking the Art Brains class for more than a year, and will continue to. The projects are really creative, and the teacher is awesome!" - Antonia, 5th grade

"Marissa (Art Brains Director) uses her own artistic and creative talents to come up with innovative ideas each week that interest her young students. Within the 8 week club that my daughter attended, each weekly theme was completely different from the others, and my daughter was challenged, enjoyed the projects and was proud of her finished products. In addition, as a teacher, she really gets to know your child which is evidenced by her personal emails to parents sharing observations she made about your child during the club. It is obvious that Marissa of Art Brains really enjoys working with children. Her creativity is on display in the weekly project emails sent to parents. She puts her heart and soul into the Art Brains Program." - Gabrielle, mother of Art Brains student, and after school program coordinator



*Note: The Art Brains company name was formerly "Make/Believe"

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