Using themes such as fossils, time travel, animals, music, outer space, maps, shadows, invented worlds and more, Art Brains kids continue to expand their minds and abilities after the normal school day has ended with an imaginative new project each class day. Art Brains runs in three sessions each school year - Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each season brings an all new set of projects that use a variety of materials. Students typically draw, paint, sculpt, fabricate, write and more throughout the course of a session, and some sessions have included video and performative projects as well. 

Most classes last for 1 hour, once a week, for sessions of 8 weeks, and sometimes classes are broken down into specific age groups (e.g. 5 - 7 year olds or 1st - 4th grade).  Art Brains adapts our projects whenever necessary to accommodate our students, but most projects are versatile enough to be well-suited to a full range of ages and abilities.

The easiest way to learn more about Art Brains is to take a look for yourself! * Click here to view the 2012/2013 ART BRAINS YEARBOOK! *

Art Brains after school class:  Ages 5 - 12  /  1 hour  /  once a week, for an average of 8 weeks